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Personal Support & Peace of Mind

Tired of surprise bill changes, managing different due dates, account information, and payment methods?

NestedFunds provides personalized support and completely manages the bills for you and the people you love.
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No more late-fees or surprise bill changes

Your Account Manager will pay all bills on-time, notify you of any changes to bill amounts, flag suspicious activity, create monthly projections, and call service providers on your behalf. All of your documents and information is securely stored in one place.
  • You can forget about your bills.

    We manage the entire process for you: receiving, storing, analyzing, and paying. You know longer need to remember due dates or account information.
  • A dedicated point of contact.

    Your Account Manager is available by phone, email, text, and snail mail - we'll work around your schedule and preferred method of contact. Account Managers are responsible for managing and paying your bills, keeping you updated on bill changes and suspicious activity, and will talk to service providers on your behalf.
  • No computer necessary.

    All reports are available online AND offline. No computer, no problem! We'll take care of all the computer details and will mail your important documents and reports to you.
  • As much or as a little help as you need.

    We're happy to takeover as many bills as you'd like. From as few as 1 bill, to as many as every bill that belongs to you.

Getting started is easy!

Give us the details
During your intake calls, your NestedFunds Agent will gather all the important information regarding your bills.

We'll work around your schedule and preferred method of contact.
We handle the boring stuff
Our team of real humans (not 🤖) will make sure all recurring payments are handled on-time, regardless of billing cycle.

Your NestedFunds Agent will also monitor your bills for any changes, send confirmations to relevant family members, and request reimbursements on your behalf (e.g. if you're splitting bills with siblings).
You get visibility and insights
Your family will have access to a NestedFunds dashboard where you'll see the full list of paid and unpaid bills, account details, transaction history, account balance, and monthly calendar of bills.

We'll also notify you of any changes to bills, and recommendations on where you can save money.